St. Andrew's Church, Gibraltar

Getting Married

Marriage in Gibraltar

Many engaged couples are getting married by means of a Governor's Special Licence which permits them to be married in Gibraltar within 3 days of application in person. They have the advantages of a wedding in the sun, minimum of bureaucracy and a ceremony conducted in English.

Marriage at St. Andrew's

Our main purpose is to support those who wish to make their vows in a Christian context, and to offer God's blessing at an important moment in their lives.

You do not need to be a member of the Church to be married in St Andrew's but the wedding service used and vows exchanged are similar to that of other mainstream churches.

Christian marriage is both a privilege and a blessing. The Bible clearly and consistently informs us that marriage is for life. Jesus, whose authority we respect in these matters said; “So the couple are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.”(Matthew 19:6) The only exception to this is if one's husband or wife has been unfaithful. (Matthew 19:9) The innocent party is free to remarry. Whilst as a minister I am sympathetic to all who seek to be married in church before God, my first priority is to be faithful to God and to be consistent to the teaching of the Bible. In some instances a civil marriage may receive a blessing.


You will be responsible for making the registration arrangements with the Gibraltar Registrar in Secretary's Lane. (Telephone: 20072289; Fax: 20042706; email:

They require 3 working days prior to the ceremony in order for a special licence to be issued (to us) so that the minister of St Andrew's can perform the ceremony.

For a Governor's Special Licence, passports and birth certificates (originals) for both parties are required; and where appropriate, divorce decrees and related marriage certificates. For fees and document queries please contact the Registrar (Note: The Public office opens mornings only and telephone calls are best in afternoon hours)

Those resident outside Gibraltar who wish to be married at St Andrew's must first agree a date with the minister, who will send confirmation and the text of the wedding service. We require a non-refundable deposit of £100.00 at the time of booking which will be deducted from the final fees. The current fees for our church are £400.00. This includes the cost of musical accompaniment (whether organist, CD or digital organ); and £30 service charge (includes collection of licence and delivery of same after ceremony, plus cleaning church after ceremony.)

These must be paid one month in advance of the ceremony.

Service Practicalities

We will be happy to assist you in obtaining a photographic record of your wedding in a way which will not interfere with the dignity and integrity of the ceremony, but all video and photography arrangements should be discussed with the minister.

If you wish a qualified floral artist (with keys for access) to provide flowers in the church to your chosen budget, please contact Mrs Sue Orfila [email:, telephone: (+350) 20073174] (NB: Mrs Orfila does not supply bouquets or buttonholes)

For more information or to make arrangements please contact Mr Bill Smith (Session Clerk) email: