St. Andrew's Church, Gibraltar

Our Church

The foundation stone of St. Andrew's was laid in October 1853 and it opened for worship in May 1854. It was built for the Free Church personnel in the Ministry of Defence who had a large presence in Gibraltar at that time. Subsequent alterations have taken place and today it is a lovely church, still furnished with its original pews, pulpit and baptismal font.

On the south wall are three stained glass windows of considerable beauty. The north wall of the kirk is adorned with several regimental plaques of battalions who had connections with our Church.

The church has three organs - the original organ, installed in 1906 and a more recent Allen two manual electronic organ. To these has been added the Hymn Technology 300, a versatile computer which can simulate organ styles and other instruments, and accompanies Sunday worship, in the current absence of an organist.

The church is built in a quiet tree-lined square, within 200 yards of the main shopping street in Gibraltar. It is centrally situated, although the hill which one has to negotiate to reach the square can be a drawback for the elderly. Unfortunately, the high numbers of cars on the Rock of Gibraltar, and the lack of town centre parking, make the square a useful car park. Even on Sunday mornings, parking is very difficult to find near the church.

The Manse

This is an old colonial house on Scud Hill, a one way street 20 minutes walk to the south of the church, with three terraces of garden rising steeply at the rear. Much effort has gone into manse and garden refurbishment at various times and the retiring minister and his wife, being DIY enthusiasts, have spent considerable time and effort in trying to make the house and garden more presentable.